Meet our Team

Larry Zarrella – Owner

I started Zarrella Construction in 1998 with a vision to have a company that was respected and trusted by everyone in the industry. I am devoted to bringing the best quality of work to every project we do, whether it’s an office build out or a custom high rise. At the end of every job I want all parties to be happy with the quality of the work that Zarrella Construction delivered, and from that we build a positive partnership and relationship with our General Contractors and Developers.
I am a proud father of my daughter Melissa, and my twin boys Luca and William. I am as well a proud grandfather to my granddaughter Julia.
When I am not working I like to spend time on my boat fishing with the kids and friends.
To me partnership is a very big part in having a successful business. It means all partners throughout the process need to win. A true partnership can never be one sided.

Roseanne Outten - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have worked at Zarrella Construction since Larry opened the company in 1999. I also worked at M. Ecker & Co. for 10 years where I first met Larry when he came to Fort Lauderdale to take over as President.

I wear many hats for Zarrella Construction from the moment you walk in to all kinds of administrative work except for Estimating and job site supervision. This includes payroll, accounts receivable and payables to receptionist and beyond.

What does Partnership mean to me?  While working together with Larry and all of my team I have learned that we are all is this together.  We can each count on one another to make this company work. Through the years this is what has been so incredibly amazing to me.  No matter what, we are a team. We work very hard together every day to succeed in this mighty company that we all call Zarrella Construction Inc.

When I’m not working, some of my best times are spent with very special friends, going to the beach, bike riding, fishing, boating, vacationing and simply relaxing and enjoying every moment that comes my way.

My Family is very important to me. I spend as much time as possible with them. My brother Mark and his family live in Houston, Texas. My niece Taylor and her husband Brett are also very important to me and I’m very proud to announce that I am “Great” Aunt RoRo to my Great Nephew Parker who lives in San Diego, CA. My Nephew Kyle lives in Houston and is just amazing.

Also part of this amazing family is my niece Missi (my Mini-Me) Outten who lives in Nashville and my Nephew Denton Davis who works for a MD in Port St. Lucie, Fl.

The person I admire the most is my Mom (Nellie) who most of you know as the most wonderful, inspiring woman in my life who gave me the gift of life, love and her incredible big heart. She always told me to hold my head up high and believe in who I am through good times and in bad (and you know she was so right).

Thomas Moulson – Head Estimator

Education: College

I have been with Zarrella Construction for 15 years. I am a State Certified General Contractor. I oversee the bidding of plans and project Management.

When I am not working I prefer to relax, watch sports and do woodwork.

I am married to my wife Iris.

If I was not working at Zarrella Construction I would be doing the same line of work, possibly for myself.

To me, partnership means individuals working together to achieve a common goal. This is exactly what you get here at Zarrella Construction.

The person I admire the most are my parents for giving me the skills to compete in this world.

Jayson Beale – Superintendent

I have been with Zarrella Construction for 20 years, but I have worked with Larry for a total of 44 years.  I oversee general construction and the quality of work.  Some of the projects I have managed here at Zarrella Construction include Carbonell, Jade, M Resort, Courts at Brickell Key, Avatar Development, 2020, Zimmerman, and Brickell Citi Centre East.

When I am not working I am a youth soccer coach and I belong to organizations such as VP Div 2; YSA

I am married to my wife Linda and we have two children together named Corey and Heather.  We are grandparents to four wonderful grandkids named Parker, Logan, Lanie, and Ryan.  The people I admire the most are my parents Valerie and Russel Beale for teaching me that challenging work and honesty is most productive.

If I was not working for Zarrella Construction I would most likely be working at the same status in General Contracting or Owner Representative.

To me, partnership is working with people to reach similar goals and to create a relationship with those we work with.  Larry has put together a fine team of personnel over the years.  Zarrella Construction is a relaxed atmosphere where everyone works together, which in turn has created a tight-knit family relationship in the office.  Zarrella Construction has also created a great relationship with all its clients which will keep the company in good standings for many years.